Early 19th Century Worcester Barr, Flight and Barr Sucriere


Circa 1810

Early 19th. Century Worcester Barr, Flight and Barr Sucriere with gilt decoration.

H:4.8” ,12.2cm W: 7.5” ,19.1cm D: 4.5” , 11.4cm

No: 9071 

A pretty Worcester Barr, Flight and Barr Sucriere with gilt pattern. Circa. 1810. 

Price: £425.00

H:4.8”,12.2cm, W: 7.5” 19.1cm, D: 4.5”, 11.4cm

Barr, Flight & Barr 1804–1813

In 1804 Martin Barr Junior (c.1784–1848) joined in partnership with his father and Joseph Flight. The next decade was to be exceptionally successful; some of the finest quality British porcelain was made at the Warmstry factory.

The customer accounts of this period would read like a ‘Who’s Who’ of the day. Rich personalised services were made for the wealthiest customers including Tzar Alexander I, The Duke of York, King George III, King William IV, The Duke of Clarence, The Imam of Muscat, The Marquis of Buckingham and the Nabob of Oude.

The elite, led by The Prince of Wales, favoured extravagant styles which could not be imitated cheaply. The Prince’s love of red, blue and gold Imari designs is reflected in two of his dessert services made by Barr, Flight & Barr in 1807. In the same year he awarded the company his Royal Warrant.

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