Regency Rosewood Nest of Four Tables


Circa 1820

A nest of four Regency Rosewood tables

Height: 27.5”, 70 cms / Width: 19.6”, 50 cms / Depth: 13”, 33 cms

No: 411Y

A nest of four early 19th century  Regency period Rosewood quartetto tables: the second table top inlaid with a Birds Eye Maple and Rosewood parquetry chessboard, the smallest table with a pull out drawer to house the gaming pieces.

Circa 1820

Price: £4,250

Height: 27.5”, 70 cms / Width: 19.6”, 50 cms / Depth: 13”, 33 cms

Notes: See Ralph Edwards “Dictionary of English Furniture” Vol III, page 272-273 where he illustrates Thomas Sheraton’s design for  a set of “Quartetto Tables” in his Cabinet Dictionary published in 1803 where he commented “ a kind of small work table made to draw out of each other and may be used separately and again inclosed within each other when not wanted.”

In his “Household Furniture” published in 1808 George Smith assigns them to the drawing room where they “prevent the company rising from their seats when taking refreshments.”

Susan E Stuart’s 2  volumes “Gillows of Lancaster and London 1730 to 1840” Vol I pages 336 & 337 illustrates a set of quartetto tables made by Gillows in 1803 for Broughton Hall and they are known to have made other sets as well for Leighton Hall where Richard Gillow lived.

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